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The Next Step in Minimally Invasive Surgery: Mini-Minimally Invasive Surgery

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How Far Can We Go?

By Jay Redan, SLS President

Since the formation of SLS in 1989 we have prided ourselves on educating surgeons throughout the world with the latest, most up to date advances in the field of minimally invasive surgery (MIS).

When we first started performing MIS procedures in 1989 we were all so excited about how small our incisions were compared to open as well as minimal scaring and less trauma to our patients’ tissues.  Through time and the development of new technology, we now have smaller instruments (2-3mm) compared to our “standard” (10mm) ones. Optics improve, materials improve, and our skills as MIS surgeons continue to improve.  Our choices only a few years ago were either open surgery or laparoscopic surgery with 10 mm instruments.  Today we have the choice of choosing open, 10mm laparoscopic (large lap instruments); robotic (8.5-12 mm instruments); or now mini (2-3mm) instruments.

Patients understand the basics of MIS, but really do not know about specific options for MIS.  All they know is that they want the procedure performed without complications and scars.  Surgeons usually explain that the incision will be small and the patient finally understands, but regrets that there may still be a mark indicating they had an operation.

At the recent Sobracil meeting in Florianopolis, Brazil, the explosion and possibility of near incisionless surgery is becoming a reality.  Our industry partners are all coming through with improved miniature instruments that were only for a select few patients just a few years ago.  “Mini instruments” have been around since the early 1990’s, but this technology was only available to a very few select, low BMI patients, but not any more.  Robust engineering of instruments and trocars have improved the technology.  SLS urologists, gynecologists and general surgeons are working together to bring this technology to our members.  At out EuroAmerican Multispecialty Summit, Feb 11-14, 2015. SLS has brought together our industry geniuses and world famous faculty to expand the knowledge and showcase the advantages and realities of “MINI minimally invasive surgery: ” the next step toward eventual incisionless surgery.

SLS is holding the inaugural MINI laparoscopy event on Feb 11, 2015 for any member attending the EuroAmerican Multispecialty Summit, in cooperation with Florida Hospital-Celebration Health, Nicholson Center.  We will showcase and demonstrate Mini-instruments with lab and live surgery.  We at SLS are ready for the next step for all specialties in Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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