MULTIDISCIPLINARY ISSUES - Society of Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeons


Chapter 1: Ethical Dilemmas in Laparoscopic, Robotic, and Advanced Surgical Technology
Richard M. Satava

Chapter 2: Surgical Simulation: Supporting a Culture of Patient Safety
Wm. LeRoy Heinrichs

Chapter 3: The Role of Simulation Training and Skills Evaluation in Maintenance of Certification
Harrith M. Hasson, John E. Morrison, Jr.

Chapter 4: The Effect of Short-term Pre-trial Practice on Surgical Proficiency in Simulated Environments: A Randomized Trial of the “Pre-operative Warm-up” Effect, Including Improvement in Operating Room Performance
Kanav Kahol, Richard M. Satava, Aaron Ashby, Marshall L. Smith, John Ferrara

Chapter 5: Patient Preparation for Laparoscopic Surgery
Bradford W. Fenton, Shruti Malik

Chapter 6: The Pneumoperitoneum
Douglas E. Ott

Chapter 7: Laparoscopic Physiologic Perturbations: Implications for At-Risk Patients
C. Michael Dunham, Amy E. Hutchinson, Michael S. Kavic

Chapter 8: Laparoscopic Access
Camran Nezhat, Ceana Nezhat, Farr Nezhat, Roger Ferland, Michael Lewis, Louise P. King

Chapter 9: Pathogenesis of Surgical Site Infection (SSI)
Heath Dorion, Brian Gruber

Chapter 10: Laparoscopic Trocar Complications
Ronald A. Rhodes

Chapter 11: Laparoscopic Vessel Sealing Devices
Camran Nezhat, Michael Lewis, Louise P. King

Chapter 12: Laser Energy and Minimally Invasive Surgery
Raymond J. Lanzafame

Chapter 13: Reduced Port Surgery: Minimizing Minimal Access Surgery
Erica R. Podolsky, Stephanie A. King, Paul G. Curcillo, II

Chapter 14: The Place of the Surgical Robot for Expert Laparoscopists
Camran Nezhat, Arathi Veeraswamy, Louise P. King

Chapter 15: Anesthesia for Laparoscopic Surgery
John H. Nguyen, Pedro P. Tanaka

Chapter 16: Complications of Pediatric Minimal Access Surgery
Matias Bruzoni, Craig T. Albanese