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Top Gun

Intracorporeal Suturing: The Top Gun Experience

Top Gun Surgeon Advanced Laparoscopic Skills & Suturing Program


Now Available in a 3 Volume Interactive iBooks format for iPad!
Start your Top Gun experience with Volume I, the core curriculum.

Get Volumes II and III for the complete program.

Created by James C. “Butch” Rosser, Jr, MD, FACS
Powered by the Stealth learning Company
In association with the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons and the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center

Are you the advanced laparoscopic surgeon that you know you ought to be? Become a top gun surgeon by participating in the Top Gun Laparoscopic Skills & Suturing Program. Top Gun is an unbelievable program that decreases the time that it takes to learn how to intracorporeally suture from 350 hours to 12 hours and is now available in an interactive, exciting, iBooks format. It gives you those skills that you need to operate in the advanced laparoscopic environment such as superior targeting skills, two-hand choreography, 3D depth perception compensation. All of these are needed attributes of a front line 21st Century Surgeon.

Top Gun is more than a program, it is a way of doing things that has not done before and it truly is an experience that we hope you can partake in.

Click below to download the 3-volume Top Gun program today from the iBookStore: 

Volume I is a core curriculum package that sets you on a pathway to become a leader in minimally invasive surgery.

Volume II offers the participant the opportunity to rapidly become immersed in the Top Gun culture. This quick start version has been validated to allow the participant to sample the program and achieve success in performing intracorporeal suturing.  This, coupled with the extensive troubleshooting video vignette montage allows the student to embrace the basics and overcome obstacles to entry-level competency. It is best used in concert with Volume I for maximum success.

Volume III offers the participant the unique perspective of a glossary that has come to life. The Top Gun Experience is effective because of its rich descriptive terms that effectively allow the participant to grasp and execute the process concepts.  Also, it is the language that allows efficient instruction. Even though there is a standard glossary in Volume I, the value of this enhancement is off the charts. It is a must have if you are to complete your journey and become a Top Gun Surgeon.