Society of Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeons | Discounted Registration to Annual Meeting

Discounted Registration to Annual Meeting

SLS MEMBER Residents-in-Training, Fellows-in-Training, Medical Students, Nurses, and Affiliated Medical Personnel will receive a discounted registration fees to Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Week. 

  • SLS Medical Student Members: $150 (a savings of $1300 off the full registration fee of $1450)
  • SLS Resident Members: $200 (a savings of $1250 off the full registration fee of $1450)
  • SLS Fellow Members: $300 (a savings of $1150 off the full registration fee of $1450)
  • SLS Affiliated Medical Personnel Members: $300 (a savings of $1150 off the full registration fee of $1450)

This four-day conference will greatly expand your knowledge of the development and use of new minimally invasive technologies and techniques. Sessions will concentrate on the latest advancements in minimally invasive, image-guided surgical techniques and procedures presented by world-renowned experts. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to see the latest products and equipment for minimally invasive surgery on display during MIS Week.

Residents may participate in the competition for the Best Resident Paper Award, presented at the annual meeting, with a cash prize of $1000!

To qualify for the discounted registration fee to the annual meeting:

1. Applicant must currently be a Resident, Fellow, Medical Student or Nurse/Affiliated Medical Personnel MEMBER of SLS.

2. If not already an SLS member, applicant must must apply for a Resident, Fellow, Medical Student, or Affiliated Medical Personnel membership(To qualify for a Resident or Fellow membership, applicant must be in training in a U.S. accredited training program or, if outside the U.S., must be a Resident-in-Training or Fellow-in-Training within the first five years after medical school degree.)

3. Once your membership has been approved and processed, you will automatically receive the discounted registration fee when completing the online registration for the conference. If paying by check, you must download a PDF registration form from the SLS web site, complete the registration form, and choose the correct registration fee on the form.