Special Interest Group (SIG) Guidelines - Society of Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeons

Special Interest Group (SIG) Guidelines

SLS Special Interest Groups (SIG) are available exclusively to SLS members. Participation in a SIG is voluntary and each SIG brings together SLS members who share an interest in a particular topic, clinical focus or professional issue. The members of each SIG are able to network, interact, and communicate with each other via an online forum created for each SIG.

  1. Online discussions are initiated by individual members of the SIG.
  2. Response and dialogue between members continues the thread once a post has been made.
  3. The dialogue and comments posted should be conducted in a courteous and professional manner.
  4. Discussion should not be used to promote commercial products.
  5. It should be understood that the content of material posted online is an expression of the views and opinions of its author and does not reflect nor represent the views or opinions of SLS.
  6. Clinical cases and options may well be discussed in the SIG. However, the online forum should not be used or construed as a substitute for an official clinical consultation.

SIGs provide an opportunity for SLS members to become actively involved in our Society. SIGs can be a source of hot topics, videos, updates or other material. Content ideas are gathered and are provided to the Board and Program Planning Committee for consideration. Content may be selected for presentation at an upcoming MISWeek in the World Summit, Global Perspectives, Updates or other sessions. Similarly, SIG members may suggest research projects or author manuscripts and reviews for potential publication in JSLS or CRSLS.

SIG members should designate a Chair and Co-Chair to assist in:

  1. Discuss and list yearly objectives for the SIG group and identify members who will take charge of each objective/task and assist in moderating online discussions.
  2. Choose a presenter and topic for SLS meeting update.
  3. Discuss hot topics for presentation at MISWeek and communicate suggestions to the SLS Board and Planning Committees. For example, these may include prevention and management of complications, education and training, tools and technology applications, ethics, outcomes, research, among others. Multidisciplinary topics and perspectives are of particular interest.

Each SIG represents a unique opportunity to bring members closer together and to create and share information. Join your colleagues and participate.

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