Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons | Special Interest Group (SIG) Committee Guidelines

Special Interest Group (SIG) Committee Guidelines


The Special Interest Group (SIG) Committees shall consist of at least five (5) members each.  They shall be responsible for evaluating specific procedures and techniques, making recommendations regarding those procedures and techniques, and act as a resource for other SLS Committees.


Special Interest Group (SIG) Committee members must be active/current members of SLS with a valid e-mail address.


Each committee member is asked to:

  • Attend the SLS SIG Committee meeting at MISWeek, SLS Annual Meeting, and meet in person with fellow committee members.  Communication during the year will take place via e-mail.  Committee Chair or representative may make a two-minute presentation on the activities of the committee for that year at the SIG Committee meeting that takes place during MISWeek.
  • Develop clinical and procedural statements related to the topic of the committee.
  • Act as a resource for SLS staff in developing programs and publications related to the topic.
  • Present a fifteen (15) minute update on their topic at MISWeek. Invitations are sent to SIG Committee members. The speaker for this lap update should be designated by the entire committee upon discussion or by nomination of the committee Chair.


Chairman will serve a term of 3 years.

Members’ terms will remain active concurrently with their active membership in SLS.

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