The Marchand Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Steward Health Mountain Vista Medical Center Affiliated Fellowship Program in Minimally Invasive and Robotic Gynecologic Surgery

Location: Marchand Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery, Mesa, AZ
Program Directors: Dr. Greg J. Marchand
Applications are preferred prior to February 1st, some exceptions may apply.

This two-year fellowship training program will entail extensive experiences in minimally invasive benign gynecology. Fellows will rotate through alternating clinical experiences both at the Stewart Hospital system, as well as in-office surgery at the Marchand Institute. Rotations will entail clinic and operating room with on-call hours on certain rotations. Fellows will operate 3-4 days a week with a heavy patient load, emphasizing minimally invasive laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, vaginal techniques and robotic surgery. Protected academic and research time will be provided to each fellow in the program and participation in research will be mandatory. Rotations in the Institute will involve direct observation of patient counseling, preoperative ultrasound techniques, and selection of proper candidates for various minimally invasive procedures. Elective surgical procedures and minimally invasive gynecology will be constantly performed throughout all rotations with the exception of protected research and academic time. Specific rotations, dealing with emergency scenarios and candidates for minimally invasive gynecologic procedures on an emergency basis will also be completed by the fellows. Rotations dealing with minimally invasive and robotic aspects of gynecologic oncology and pelvic floor reconstruction may also be completed. The unique combination of an extremely high volume minimally invasive Institute with a hospital system providing both versatile operating rooms and a web of emergency rooms providing a plethora of emergent gynecologic conditions will combine to vigorously prepare any surgeon to practice as a specialist in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. In addition to the high surgical volume and emergency rotations, fellows will be required to complete yearly research projects. This will be separate from the already ongoing projects at the Institute, which averages 3-5 major publications per year. Time will be set aside for appropriate meetings including the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Annual SLS meeting. In addition to the elective surgeries, weekly didactic sessions and monthly morbidity and mortality sessions will be mandatory and included in the curriculum regardless of the current rotation the fellow is completing.

Candidates must be board eligible OBGYN’s. Moonlighting opportunities are permitted.

This program also features Laparoscopic (Lap-VR) and Robotic (Mimic DV) simulators that provide haptic feedback and virtual reality simulations.

Please note, this fellowship does not provide J-1 visa support.

All fellows are expected to be productively involved in the production of research involving minimally invasive surgery throughout the program, and publication is encouraged.

To apply, please visit: