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Related Sites

Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Sites

American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery (AIMIS)

American Urological Association

Asian-Pacific Association for Gynecologic Endoscopy and Minimally  Invasive Therapy (APAGE)

Asociatia Româna pentru Chirurgie Endoscopica (ARCE)

Associaçao Brasileira de Endometriose e Ginecologia Minimamente Invasiva (SBE) – provides one central location for comprehensive information regarding the specialty of gastrointestinal and surgical endoscopy

Federación Colombiana de Obstetricia y Ginecolgía (FECOLSOG)

International Pediatric Endosurgery Group (IPEG)
International Society of Gynecologic Endoscopy  (ISGE)
International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS)

MedTube  – Medical Media Directory; medical videos, pictures and files for MDs worldwide

New European Surgical Academy (NESA)

ORReady – ORReady is a worldwide initiative linking medical societies and organizations to raise awareness and improve outcomes for surgical patients.

Sociedade Brasileira de Videocirugia (SOBRACIL)

Society of American Gastrointestinal  Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES)

SLS Scholarly Laparoscopic Search – “One click” search through SLS’s online resources for information on the hottest topics or JSLS Online articles pertaining to your research

Minimally Invasive Surgery Week / The Future of MIS – conference web site

SLS Calendar of Events – upcoming laparoscopic and endoscopic conferences, meetings, and educational programs

SLS TV – Contains open access videos, searchable by category, pertaining to laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery

SLS MISToday – a directory with links to exhibitors and resources for the MIS community

Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (SMIT)

The Trocar – An online videojournal of gynecological and surgical endoscopy

WebSurg – makes available online more than 100 operative procedures, 300 videos, over 1000 photos and animated illustrations, and a current literature section

Journals and Publications

CRSLS – MIS Case Reports from SLS

Prevention and Management of Laparoendoscopic Surgical Complications

Nezhat’s History of Endoscopy

endoSCOPE – Newsletter of the Advanced Medical Devices project

JAMA – and other American Medical Association journals

JSLS – the Journal of the Society of Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeons
CRSLS – MIS Case Reports from the Society of Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeons

NEJM – New England Journal of Medicine

General Medical, Medical Education, and Surgical Sites

AMA – American Medical Association

CDC – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – Headquarters/Atlanta

Diseases, Disorders and Related Topics – educational services, information resource for medical professionals

International Federation of Fertility Societies

MedScape – Medical news reports and peer reviewed articles
Mesothelioma Center
Mesothelioma Guide

National Cancer Institute: Cancer Net

NIH – National Institutes of Health
NLM – National Library of Medicine (Medline)
Pediatric Surgery Update

SLS Find A Doctor – online listing of SLS member surgeons searchable by state or physician name

SLS Programs for Residents and Fellows

WebSurg – offers surgeons online continuing education on surgical innovations: minimally invasive surgery and laparoscopy

WHO – World Health Organization – Headquarters/Geneva

RSS Feeds

RSS Feed – JSLS, Journal of the Society of Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeons

RSS Feed – Laparoscopy Today

RSS Feed – SLS Annual Meeting & Endo Expo

RSS Feed – Prevention and Management of Laparoendoscopic Surgical Complications, 1st Edition